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ECO-STAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS' number one priority is to make it easy for your company to implement smart energy saving solutions and achieve cost-savings results by maximizing the rebate and incentive programs utility service providers offer. Each year more than 1 Billion Dollars is made available by utility service providers and government agencies to encourage business owners to invest in energy efficient improvements. Utility rebates and incentives are generally funded from a pool of monies collected by your local utility service provider by adding a surcharge to your monthly energy bill. This charge typically shows up on your bill as a "Public Purpose Program" or "Public Program" and is usually based on a percentage of your total bill. Once collected these funds are dispersed by your utility service provider with consent from your states Public Utility Commission. As a business owner you're already paying into the rebate and incentive programs, so you might as well take advantage of the energy saving solutions offered by these programs.